Frequently Asked Questions

What is a home warranty?
A home warranty is a service agreement that helps protect homeowners against any unexpected cost of repairs to their major appliances and systems within the household.
If I have homeowners insurance, why do I need a home warranty?
Home insurance covers the emergencies in life, hazards associated with fire, wind, water, and so forth. If your roof blows off or pipes explode and flood an entire floor you'll need to have a insurance policy in place to cover those damages. What if it's hot outside and the A/C system breaks. Are you able to afford a costly repair with today's times? If you have a home protection plan from Paramount Home Club you won't have to worry about being in this situation. With a complete home warranty you can have the peace of mind that we have you protected.

Another way that homeowner's insurance and home warranties are different is a homeowner's insurance policy carries a deductible and has variable rates. For example, you may have a $1,000 deductible on your homeowner's insurance policy which means that in the event of a covered claim you would have to pay $1,000 out of pocket before the insurance company would begin paying for damages. Also, your rates could increase from one policy term to the next. Typically after filing a claim, or multiple claims, your insurance premiums will increase to some extent.

Paramount Home Club, however, does not carry a deductible or service charge when a service professional comes to your home. For example, let's say your hot water heater breaks due to normal wear and tear and you file a claim with your home warranty company. You will not have to worry about coming out of pocket for any service fee or deductible when covered; your home warranty company would then pay the costs of repair or replacement of that water heater.
My mechanical systems and appliances are older, will they be covered?
Yes, the age of a home or its systems and appliances does not matter. We cover items that have been properly maintained and are in good working condition when you purchase the policy.
How many times can I use my Paramount Home Club plan?
You can take advantage of your home protection plan as many times as you want during the term of your contract. On average, our customers make 2-4 service requests each year.
What do I pay out of pocket when I make a service request?
You have the choice of service fee options when you enroll in the protection plan.
When does coverage begin?
Coverage begins 30 days after enrollment.
Why do you verify my phone number and zip code each time I call for service?
We dispatch to technicians in your local area according to zip code. Having your correct zip code on your contract ensures that we will dispatch a local technician. Our customer service representatives are trained to verify your telephone number so that the technician can contact you for scheduling.
If an item needs to be replaced, and the replacement unit is unavailable what happens?
If a covered item that needs to be replaced is not available, Paramount Home Club will offer a cash in lieu of repair option.
How do I get service?
When a covered item breaks down, request service by calling 1-855-613-4555 to speak with a highly trained customer service representative, Our call center is available 24 hours a day, 7 days a week, 365 days a year.

After your service request is received, one of our approved and insured contractors will contact you to schedule a time to diagnose your problem. You have NO service fee and NO deductible. 
Are there technicians in my area?
We have a network of over 90,000 skilled licensed and bonded technicians throughout the country and we are adding new vendors to our network every day.
I have more questions...
Here at Paramount Home Club we have a qualified representatives always ready to answer any additional questions you may have please call us at 1-844-629-1234.
When does the warranty become active?
Your coverage will begin 30 days from date of contract start.
Why is your warranty better then AHS or any other company?
We have broader coverage for less money and we offer many more benefits besides just a warranty.
How long does it take to get someone to our home for a service call?
Emergency service is the same day: all service is usually initiated within 48 hours. Remember we have over 90,000 technicians at our service.
What is the maximum amount covered per call, per item?
As you know no one will give you a new $3000 refrigerator if you have a 20 year old one now, but we will give you a replacement value if we cannot repair the item.
Do you come to inspect the home?
We do not. We do however recommend you have the yearly routine maintenance done on you heating and AC systems.
Can we pay monthly?
We do offer monthly billing with a credit card or a checking account on file.
How many technicians do you have in my area?
We have 90,000 technicians nationwide, due to our internal ranking system and quality assurance we are often adding new service providers to accommodate our customer needs.
What number do I call for claims/service?

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